Online shopping is a common thing nowadays. While it involves the identification of a product or service listed on a given website and making the payments for it, there is much more that it meets the eye to be safe while engaging in online shopping. This post provides dependable tips that will help you stay safe against cyber attackers while shopping online.

Do not use open Wi-Fi networks

Once in a while, you will receive notifications for open networks at cafes or even in shopping malls. It’s advisable to avoid connecting to such networks for reasons of lack of encryption. Additionally, attackers use such avenues to track the streams of data flowing in such networks to steal users’ details. To stay cyber safe avoid using an open network.

Have strong and different passwords

If you use one password for numerous accounts chances are high that you might fall victim of cybercrime. The majority of cybercriminals use shopping opportunities such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to lure unsuspecting shoppers with offers such as Cyber Monday coupons, but ideally, they are targeting to get your passwords and other personal details.  Often, when engaging in any online shopping spree it advisable to always have different passwords for different accounts that you use online.


Scrutinize any information you get online before taking action

Online scammers use spoof websites and phish emails to get the information they want. Majority of the sites that they use are a perfect replica of the original site but often have some differentiating factors. Emails from scammers, for example, giving you offers such early Cyber Monday deals, or any other crazy offers would often contain numerous typos. Also, it is important to look keenly at the website names that such emails give since they try to make it appear closer to the original one as possible.

Change your default passwords often

Default passwords are often used as the gateway to fraud by most cybercriminals. The reason for this is that such passwords are often easy to guess. Always ensure that you change all the default passwords for any device that you buy before using it for any online transactions.

Do not save your credit card details online

Most websites will often prompt you to save your passwords and any other personal details such as credit card details.  Once you get Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals of your choice, it is important that you desist from saving your passwords on the websites that you make the transactions. Often, cybercriminals use shopping periods such as Black Friday to collect users’ information for fraud.


Watch out for phishing emails

Phishing has become a common problem in e-commerce nowadays. Often, cybercriminals send numerous emails that contain links that upon clicking install harmful software on your device that can steal your data for use in committing certain crimes. Majority of these emails are disguised in shopping offers or even delivery notices. Such emails are common at a time when people are rushing for crazy offers such as Cyber Monday deals or even incredible discounts during Black Friday.

Keep up to date

There are numerous software that can protect you while surfing the internet. Ensure that you have security software that can detect and reject any suspicious malware that would otherwise steal your personal data. Always ensure that you have turned on your automatic updates as a means of boosting your security.


While these are some of the tips that you can use to enhance your safety while shopping online, it is advisable to be on the lookout for any suspicious deals, emails, and websites. Additionally, having strong passwords for different accounts and security features installed in your devices can go a long way to protecting your online activities.