Black Friday and cyber Monday is one of the most important sales weeks in the annual calendar, encounter in Friday and Monday after the thanksgiving holiday respectively. On both days, everyone seems to promote their products to avail sales opportunity.

In spite of the fact that black Friday and cyber Monday are popular for their shopping extravaganza hallmark. However, they are extremely important to economy of many countries too.  According to Adobe, last year shoppers spent total of $40 billion in online sales in the U.S alone making the top shopping days of the year.

The holiday overall accounts from 20 to 40% of total retail sales for the whole year so this is very huge season for retail stores too so they should assure to make use of it.  Almost all retailers in the country offer early promotional sales and door buster discounted sales from midnight till throughout the day to get people into the stores and entice them to pull out money from their wallets.

Retailers can take advantage of black Friday and cyber Monday by following strategy:

  • Launch promotions for your products
  • While posting messages, it’s very important use #blackfriday and #cybermonday.
  • Have a keen eye on other competitors work and adapt their scheme to make your work competent.
  • Readjust your existing promotional material if needed.
  • Make sure that your marketing content and plan is ready beforehand for promotions.
  • Attain attention of massive audience by getting access via emails and social platforms.
  • Next step is to structure for complimentary promotional campaign.
  • You need to be aware of selling coupon offers opportunity as it will result in 97% of sale.
  • Also you can earn 40% of holiday season sales by signing up as an affiliate.
  • Track your success and analyze the bottlenecks of your business to avoid them in future shopping event.

Consumers are also advised to spend money wisely on holiday season. If you have planned to shop certain items then black Friday and cyber Saturday are great days to go-ahead and make a purchase because you will save quite a bit. Main concern is to avoid temptation for unnecessary items while shopping so that you don’t go out of budget.

Every single business you could ever realize will mingle you with some limited time opportunities to become more cost-effective like Black Friday for the retail world and cyber Monday for online shopping. Grasp the maximum potential of holiday season and don’t let this golden chance sneak up on you.